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Yamaha, despite its huge size, has never lost sight of making the best music gear in the world. With a product range from P/A systems, Electric Drum Kits, Guitars and Midi Controllers to clarinets, pianos, keyboards and more! it's amazing how, in each of their fields, they manage to produce the best musical instruments.

Each product is designed and developed by their award winning team. There's no 'she'll be right' in these prototypes. From their first reed organ in 1887 to the million dollar piano played by Elton John in 2010 you can see how Yamaha has progressed music. With a huge focus on technology and the manufacturing process, Yamaha products push industries forward. 

Do you know the feeling of a new product coming out that has the features you've dreamed of?

I do.

It's the best.

A customer recently bought a new Yamaha PA system. They were over-the-moon that the Yamaha DXR Active Loudspeakers are so compact but so loud & pure that they outperform all larger speakers they have used in the past. They are smaller, lighter, cheaper and better. 

Can't ask for more than that can we?!

Yamaha is doing this in your industry too. Whether you're into drums, guitar, orchestral, sound engineering, pianos/ keyboards (and more) you need to check out what Yamaha has to offer. Chances are its got a performance or affordable model just for you.

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