Radial BigShot ABY True Bypass Switcher Pedal


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Radial BigShot ABY True Bypass Switcher Pedal

  • True-bypass ABY amp selector with tuner out
  • On-board transformer to eliminate hum & buzz
  • 180° polarity reverse to phase-match amps
  • 100% passive, does not require a battery or power

The Radial BigShot ABY is a compact ABY switcher that enables you to either switch between two amplifiers or combine the signal when you want both amps to play at the same time.

Designed for the purist, this true-bypass ABY switcher is completely passive meaning that there are no tone altering buffers in between the guitar and the amplifier. With the BigShot ABY, you get the pure tone from your guitar plugged direct into your amp! To add versatility, the BigShot ABY is also equipped with a separate tuner out. This 'always on' output feeds your tuner for constant monitoring while keeping it out of the signal chain. Should you experience hum and buzz problems due to ground loops, the BigShot ABY comes to the rescue with a ground lift switch and built-in isolation transformer. Once engaged, you can toggle the polarity of the second amplifier to ensure both amps play in absolute phase.

The compact yet ultra rugged design makes the BigShot ABY ideal for pedalboards where space is always at a premium. Furthermore, because it does not require any power to make it work, it eliminates the need for batteries and space hungry power supplies.

The BigShot ABY... the most versatile true-bypass switcher made today!


  • The BigShot ABY makes it easy to switch between two amps and with the built-in isolation transformer, hum and buzz caused by ground loops can be eliminated. A separate tuner out keeps this tone altering device out of the main signal path


  • You can use the BigShot ABY as a simple mute footswitch for quiet on-stage tuning. Simply depress the AB selector switch and the signal going to the amp is turned off. This keeps the signal going to the tuner output always on, allowing you to tune without bothering others.
  • The BigShot ABY can also be used to switch channels on older vintage amps that do not have remote switching. Simply send the OUT-A and OUT-B to the two channels on your amp and select channels as needed.


The BigShot ABY is a simple passive switcher that enables the guitarist to reroute the signal between two amplifiers using a simple mechanical switch. This true-bypass design delivers straight wire performance between the input and the output thus resulting in near perfect signal transfer. A built-in isolation transformer may be inserted into the signal path to help eliminate hum and buzz caused by ground loops. The frequency response of the transformer is dependent on the input buffer that is being applied to the signal path.

Specifications are subject to change without notice.
Circuit Type: Passive, true-bypass
Construction: 14 gauge steel
Finish: Durable powder coat
Finish: Durable powder coat
Size: 3.6"w x 3.9"d x 2"h (92 x 99 x 51mm)
Weight: 1.25 lb (0.56 kg)
Conditions: For use in dry locations only between 5°C and 40°C
Warranty: Radial 3-year, transferable

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