If you're into guitaring and you haven't heard of Ibanez then who knows what you've been up to.

Ibanez is one of the biggest guitar brands in the world. When you're this big you also make lush bass guitars, electric, acoustic, ukeleles, cables, accessories, banjos, amps, pedals and pretty much everything in between.

Ibanez has little information on their history. I'd say that's because they're too busy making sweet guitars. Who cares about the company history anyway?
Jazz players have hollow bodied Ibanez guitars supported by some world renown artists including George Benson and Eric Crasno. These guitars have evolved over time to include optimum pickups, tone woods, sizes, acoustics, and electronics.

They look after metal heads with the Rg and S-Series. These axes are built with only metal in mind. Ultra thin and shred ready guitar necks, high cutaways for more tonal reach, bone-shaking pickups and materials that would last in any pit.

Acoustic guitars range from ridiculously cheap starter packs to an Artwood series with soothing tone woods, clever pickups and dynamic acoustics. Ibanez Bass guitar are similar in range and quality.

As a whole, know this: Ibanez tends to combine classic luthier techniques with modern technology. They're the balance. Some models are the exception, obviously. You can expect quality builds with epic materials and no shortcuts. But they use tech and modern techniques where it's smart. 

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