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Yamaha Ytr3335/CN B Flat Trumpet Gold Lacquer


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Mooloolaba Music Centre's Yamaha YTR3335 is incredible value for money that offer everything a student will require and is good enought to take them through to an intermediate level.

For the first time Yamaha has designed a student trumpet with a reversed main tuning slide allowing for an exceptional feel and response. The YTR-3335 has the addition of a brace on the main tuning slide for a more stable and solid sound. The newly designed two-piece yellow brass bell has the perfect parameter for the needs of a student. It has a light response and the ideal thickness of two-piece yellow brass bell making it easy for students to get started and develop a brilliant tone.


Reversed tuning slide

The picture shows YTR-3335S.

Reversed tuning slide enables easy blowing and smooth and comfortable feel in playing.

Yellow brass bell

The newly redesigned, durable yet light two-piece bell is made of yellow brass for optimal playability and to promote good technique and endurance.

New piston, piston caps and buttons

The picture shows YTR-2330S.

Highly durable monel alloy pistons as well as newly designed piston buttons and bottom caps help lengthen the life of the instrument while also maximizing sound quality.

New tuning slides

The 2nd and main tuning slides are produced using the same method as high-end Yamaha models, which provides stability, a more refined tonal color and added durability.


Main tuning brace lets sound more focus and hold together.



Body Finish Gold lacquer


Weight Weight Medium

Design/Architecture Detail

Bell Bell Diameter 123mm (4-7/8")
Bore Bore Size ML 11.65mm (0.459")


Bell Yellow brass


Key Bb


Included Accessories Mouthpiece TR-11B4




Please Note: This item may be on display at the Mooloolaba Music Shop and may have been available for demonstration to in store patrons. We take careful and meticulous care, boxing and cleaning of your product before the shipping or selling of an item. If you do want photos beofre making a purchase please call our shop where one of our staff can assist in sending more detailed images.

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