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Hidersine Vivente 1/2 Cello Student Outfit Includes Set Up


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Designed for the ambitious beginner.


“Created for the ambitious beginner, Hidersine Vivente Cello outfits offer high-quality tonewoods and genuine hardwoods that will happily see students through their first few grades in style.”


The Hidersine Vivente cello is available in 4/4, ¾, ½, ¼ size variants. We recommend that you speak to your teacher or local store to ensure you choose the appropriate size for you or your child. 

4/4 full size  is a standard sized instrument suitable for most adults.

3/4 (three quarter) size, so should be suitable for teenage children, approximately age 12 - 15, or smaller adults. 

1/2 (one half) size, so should be suitable for a child from age 7 – 9.

1/4 (one quarter) size, so should be suitable for a child from age 5 - 7.




When you’re starting out on an unknown journey, such as learning a new musical instrument, it’s understandably tempting to go for the very cheapest option possible ‘just to see how it goes’. But, deep down we all know that it’s not actually the best idea…”

Having a proper instrument on which to start learning will undoubtedly help you or your child get the very best results possible. If you have an instrument that hasn’t been set up properly, or one that hasn’t been built as well as it should, no matter how much practice you do, it isn’t going to sound any better.

So, by choosing a Hidersine Vivente instrument, you will give yourself, your child or your student the best chance of advancing at a good pace, as the instrument will be capable of genuinely reflecting your own ever-growing level of skill.



Easier to handle: 

Hidersine Vivente cellos feature a Wittner ‘Ultra’ Tailpiece and a Carbon Fibre Endpin. Both these innovative additions help reduce the cello’s overall weight, therefore making it easier to handle and transport. Plus, many people believe that a carbon fibre endpin allows the instrument to resonate more fully and therefore sound better.

A tone that will continually improve. 

Hidersine Vivente instruments feature a solid spruce top – or sound-table. This is important because your instrument’s primary voice is formed by this sound-table, and therefore the top can resonate as a single, coherent structure and sound great as a result. Plus, as the wood ages and the solid tonewood top gradually relaxes at a cellular level into its natural rest state, it will resonate even naturally, and the sound will improve further. Winner! 


Your Vivente cello is supplied as an outfit, which is to say it is complete with what you need to get started. Besides the instrument itself, also included is a padded gigbag with external accessory compartments and an outer pockets
Most importantly, your Vivente outfit includes a Brazilwood bow, without which no sound is possible. Just tighten the hair, apply a little of the included Hidersine rosin, and the bow is ready to play… as you will be too.



Vivente violins, violas, cellos and double basses all benefit from a genuine Ebony fingerboard. This prized hardwood has traditionally been used for fingerboards for hundreds of years due to its truly long-lasting properties. Unlike stained or ‘ebonized’ softwoods often used on student instruments, genuine Ebony will not mark, pit or wear out under lengthy playing periods. Rather it will remain structurally sound for a very long time, and will also feel smooth on the fingers, helping make the playing experience more pleasant all round.


Hidersine Vivente instruments not only have a solid top, but they also have solid Maple ribs and backs too. These solid tonewood sections further enhance the instrument’s natural tone. The top produces the instrument’s primary voice, and the back and sides add the character.
The solid Maple core is enhanced further by it's finish. This is a special finishing technique which gives the appearance of visually top-grade maple, so your Vivente instrument has the appearance of a much more exclusive instrument. 


Padded gigbag/carry case with bow holder and accessory pockets.
Brazilwood, Half-mounted bow 
Hidersine Rosin block


Solid Spruce Table, Solid Maple back and ribs with graphic flame, Carved Maple Neck, Genuine Ebony fingerboard and pegs, Seasoned Maple Bridge, Wittner Ultra lightweight tailpiece with integral adjusters, Carbon Fibre endpin, Steel Strings.


4/4, 3/4, ½, ¼



Back, Neck & Ribs Graphic Flamed Solid Maple
Bow Octagonal Brazilwood
Bridge Finish Seasoned Maple
Case Type 10mm Padded Deluxe Bag
End Pin Carbon
Fingerboard Ebony
Instrument Cello
Outfit Outfit
Peg Type Ebony
Rosin Hidersine
Sizes 4/4 , 3/4 , 1/2 , 1/4
Sound Post Spruce
Strings Synthetic Core
Table Selected Straight Grained Solid Spruce
Tailpiece Wittner Ultra - Lightweight Composite Tailpiece with Integral Tuners
Tuners 4 Integral Fine Tuners


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We ask that you research parts carefully before buying.
Purchase of any non-licenced part as a replacement spare part is at your own risk.
Some branded replacement parts also require professional installation to fit correctly.
If in doubt we will be happy to advise further and confirm suitability before purchase.


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