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Ernie Ball 3127 Beefy Slinky RPS Coated Titanium Electric Guitar Strings 11-54 Gauge



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Ernie Ball 3127 Beefy Slinky RPS Coated Titanium Electric Guitar Strings 11-54 Gauge Optimal For Detuning. Ernie Ball coated Slinky strings combine the latest technological advancements in string manufacturing. All wound strings are treated with groundbreaking nanotechnology that repels unwanted moisture and oils that negatively impact your tone In addition to treating the wound strings, each plain string features a patented reinforcement winding of titanium wire. Titaniums inherent strength prevents string breakage, string slippage, and is proven to keep your guitar strings in tune better than conventional plain strings. Ernie Ball coated Slinky guitar strings maintain the feel and sound of uncoated sets, combining the added protection with the vibrant tone Ernie Ball customers have relied on for over 50 years. Gauges .011,0.015,0.022,0.03,0.042,0.054


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