Elixir 16102 Nanoweb Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Guitar 6-String Set Medium 13-56


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Acoustic Phosphor Bronze With NANOWEB Coating



Elixir Strings Acoustic Phosphor Bronze With NANOWEB Coating deliver distinctive phosphor bronze warmth and sparkle together With extended tone life.

  • #1 acoustic guitar string*
  • Only coated string brand to protect the entire string With an ultra-thin coating, keeping gunk out of the gaps between the windings
  • Extended Tone Life players report their tone lasts Longer than any other string, uncoated or coated
  • Consistent performance and tone ready to play whenever you are
  • Smooth feel that is easy on your fingers and enhances playability
  • Reduces finger squeak good for both performance and recording
  • Anti-Rust Plated Plain Steel Strings resist tone-deadening corrosion, ensuring a Longer life for entire set
  • With less hassle and expense of frequent string changes, spend more time making music

Acoustic Phosphor Bronze With NANOWEB Coating


Part No. Gauge E-1 B-2 G-3 D-4 A-5 E-6  
16002 Extra Light .010 .014 .023 .030 .039 .047
16027 Custom Light .011 .015 .022 .032 .042 .052
16052 Light .012 .016 .024 .032 .042 .053
16077 Light-Medium .012 .016 .024 .035 .045 .056
16102 Medium .013 .017 .026 .035 .045 .056
16182 HD Light .013 .017 .025 .032 .042 .053
16152 NEW! 12-String Light .010 .014 .023 .030 .039 .047  
    .010 .014 .009 .012 .018 .027


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