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Before buying or trying a Maton Guitar, you should know a few things.

Maton have built their brand on making quality guitars. I'm talking hand polished frets by craftsman so smooth a baby could kiss them (don't try that ever). Maton guitars are family owned and operated since 1946, so it's safe to say they will know a thing or two about making a guitar.

Maton uses some top quality tone woods. If you know your tone woods, you'll appreciate bunya, blackwood, Queensland Maple & Walnut, Mahogany and the newly introduced Satin Box. Maton is progressive in that it is continually exploring new woods to use. Bill May, considered a pioneer of guitar sounds by master luthiers, specialises in Aussie tone woods. Working for Maton, Bill and the team are on a continual quest creating the worlds best guitars.

Maton has fathered their own pickup. Yup, it's designed to use both the guitars natural acoustics that are amplified and your usual pick up style. Maton, partnered with Tommy Emmanual, developed the APMic system which uses a mic within the guitar + the piezo-based system to get the best of both worlds. Clever huh?

You gotta try a Maton when looking for a top quality guitar. Visit the Mooloolaba Music Centre to get your hands on one. The hard part is putting it down!

Check the range here and hit us up if you need anything.

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