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Marshall Amps have been the real deal since 1966. Made in Bletchley, England, Marshalls cabs and valve amps are to this day, made with human hands. Handmade gives the care and attention to detail that only people can create.

Jim Marshall (obviously the founder), started Marshall Amplification out of his West London music shop. Artists at the time wanted 'tone' and they wanted it loud. Jim learnt to create and produce those heart grabbing tones that started the 'Marshall Sound' revolution. 

Many of you reading this will already know, or at least recognise the iconic white Marshall lettering. I think the dedication, quality and love for music needed to create this status says it all. You know that when buying Marshall you are purchasing a cult classic. 

Marshall Amps are unique. The combination of heritage and culture with a love for technology and progression is hard to beat. Whatever your level of playing, there is a Marshall for you. 

MMC looks after all of your Marshall needs so browse below or contact us to enquire about Marshall products not listed here. Plus, if you're having trouble deciding or want some peace of mind, (or want help justifying buying another Marshall product) chat to our staff. They can guide you through choosing, so you make the best decision possible.