Kawai Instruments

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The Kawai Digital Pianos you see below are the advancement of nearly a century of development and ingenuity.

The company had modest beginnings from back in 1927 where Mr. Kawai started his company despite pianos being a difficult market in Japan at the time. Before he had even started Kawai, he had patented and won awards for his first complete piano action. Let's just say that the gifted Mr. Kawai knew his skills would create opportunities.

Generations of talent (and hard work) grew the company into the global name you know today. Kawai's learning schools attribute to the growth of the company.  Well, that 's what I think at least. Kawai understands that people learning piano would grow the industry and ultimately sales so they set up hundreds of learning schools.

Kawai products are perfectly crafted. That sounds cliche, but Kawai seriously aims to make the best Pianos in the world. The bi-product of that are incredible digital pianos.

Kawai has stayed away from gimmicky features and always had core piano playing at its heart. Kawai are playing heart strings through beautiful sounds. Upgrade or get yourself a Kawai today to daily experience the best digital pianos have to offer.

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