Cole Clark

Cole Clark Guitars are the real deal. A true Australian company, these beauties are handmade in Melbourne, many of which use native tone woods. Many of the woods are sustainable and ultimately make the Cole Clarks stand out amongst its competitors.

The construction of a Cole Clark Steel String Acoustic uses what's called an integral neck construction. For you as a player, this means the neck is essentially one piece to the sound hole, giving you that Cole Clark tone. Cole Clarks use of a carved top and back (instead of kerfing) to add to the distinction.

The Patented natural Pickup system is the acoustic players dream. It's designed to pick out only the best acoustic guitar frequencies. It uses a condenser mic for highs, 6 loaded piezos under the saddle for lows and a face sensor for mid-to-highs. 

At MMC, we love our Cole Clarks. They sponsor huge artists like Jack Johnson, but they're more about people who are serious about their guitar tone. Big artists have guitar technicians and all sorts, but most players need a consistent, reliable guitar that sounds great. 

Come in store today to try one for yourself. Of course, any guitar of this quality feels great so have a strum and pick and explore the Cole Clark tone. If you know what you want order it now, request an ETA or start a Lay-by.