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When buying your first clarinet its important to look for a few elements that will ensure the best start to learning and playing  the Clarinet

  1. Brands are important as they have a track record of success and a long proven history of building instruments in state of the art facilities.  Brands like Yamaha, Jupiter and Buffet use only the best materials from all over the world and are trusted and respected in the music industry.
  2. Materials are everything.  There are a lot of fakes and copies in the market that offer everything on paper but do not stand up to constant use and transporting of the instrument.  If in doubt buy the instrument that has heavy duty components and keys.  This will ensure a long happy life and allow you to have stress free playing for years to come.
  3. When inspecting a new clarinet ensure that all the pads on the bottom of the keys seal properly against the pad.  If they do not then this means that the clarinet has not been setup correctly and or it is poorly made.  If they do not seal you will not be able to play a clean note.  This is very typical of anything under $400 and should be avoided at all cost.
  4. Make sure the clarinet comes with a hard case.  If you are going to invest in your instrument ensure that it will last by protecting it's body and keeping moisture out of the case.  

The most cost effective price point for a beginner starts at around $500 and should have either a 3 or 5 year warranty.

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