Live Sound

Mooloolaba Music offers a large range of live Sound/PA gear for many & various live situations

Speakers, signal processors, accessories, stands, microphones, mixers, consoles, amplifiers - all you need in one place! 

The professional audio team at Mooloolaba Music is available for venue system quoting and installation and is more than happy to work with you to see those dreams become reality.

With our vast range of options and competitive pricing, our friendly staff both in-store and online are ready to help with any of your live sound needs.

With a full room dedicated to Live Sound and Studio Sound and Production Mooloolaba Music Centre caters for all demands of live sound and studio production from the beginner to the professional.  We have great prices on all E.V (electrovoice), Presonus, Yamaha speakers and mixers, HK Audio, Bose L1SMII and a complete Bose range of stage solutions.

Mooloolaba Music Centre caters for all size PA Systems such as bars and live music venues and large establishments like churches, schools & community halls.

We stock some of the most exciting products on the market right now with gear like the Presonus Studiolive 32.4.2, Studiolive 24.4.2, Studioive 16.4.2, Mackie DL1608 and the release from Presonus the Studiolive 328AI, Studiolive 312AI and the Studiolive 315AI.  

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