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Friedman Mic No-Mo' Passive Guitar Cabinet Emulated DI Box


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Passive Guitar Cabinet Emulated DI Box Less Time, Less Clutter, More Tone The Friedman MIC-NO-MO all-analog cabinet simulation box eliminates issues like mic-bleed, cluttered stages, and inconsistent mic placement. It does it with the popular cabinet simulation found in our Runt series of amplifiers. Simply place the MIC-NO-MO between your amplifier and speakers*, select your favorite simulated mic placement, and send the pure sound of your unique tone to the audience without the headaches associated with using actual microphones.

The MIC-NO-MO may be the easiest, best-sounding, and the most-consistent tonal solution you can add to your rig. So, whether you_re a guitarist searching for Friedman-quality tone night after night or a sound engineer who knows there_s got to be an easier way, you owe it to yourself and your audience to try the Friedman MIC-NO-MO. MIC-NO-MO

Features: Front Panel From amp: Connect to your amplifier speaker output with a speaker cable To speaker: Connect to your speakers (cabinet) with a speaker cable Back Panel Balanced output: Connect to a mixer or interface with an XLR cable Ground lift: 2-position switch eliminates ground loops Axis: Select between the brighter center or darker edge simulated mic placements Level: Select between a -10 dB to -30 dB pad for proper pairing with other audio equipment

*NOTE: The MIC-NO-MO is not a load box. ALWAYS use with an appropriate speaker cab.


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