Takamine (pronounced 'tack - ah - mee - nee'), is a Japanese Guitar manufacturer specialising in steel string acoustics. 

Who doesn't love the underdog?

Takamine started as a small family run guitar shop at the base of Mount Takamine in 1969. Guitaring grew in popularity in Japan along with the shop. The family dedication to guitar making produced quality noticed by leading guitarists around the world. 

The company grew to the now present success that is Takamine Guitars. Making its way to Aussie, we can now play what they call the Hardest working guitars.

When you pick up a Takamine, there are many subtleties you won't notice. The luthiers here have made many small changes to the guitar to increase its acoustics and to bring out delicious tones. No need for drastic technologies here. Just the tiniest details adding up to make an acoustic masterpeice.

Perhaps the most notable aspect of a Takamine is its fret boards. They are made with 0.0001" accuracy using a laser guided fret finishing system. The strings contact the centre line perfecting when playing and the clarity from its perfection makes you sound better than ever. 

Shop Takamine Guitars at MMC to see the quality that took this humble shop nestled at the foot of a mountain in Japan to a world leader in acoustic guitar making.

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