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If you're into guitaring and you haven't heard of Ibanez then who knows what you've been up to.

Ibanez is one of the biggest guitar brands in the world. When you're this big you also make lush bass guitars, electric, acoustic, ukeleles, cables, accessories, banjos, amps, pedals and pretty much everything in between.

Ibanez has little information on their history. I'd say that's because they're too busy making sweet guitars. Who cares about the company history anyway?
Jazz players have hollow bodied Ibanez guitars supported by some world renown artists including George Benson and Eric Crasno. These guitars have evolved over time to include optimum p...

Author: Pete Mihailovic   Date Posted: 8 October 2014  

Ever heard that 'your tone comes from your hands and that a great player can make any guitar sound good'?

Skill is a must, but that doesn't entirely account for the player's tone.

Consider the quality of his or her rig while performing. You wouldn't use rubbish tools if your trade were building a house so why use rubbish gear when building guitar tone?

Great tone is only half the battle when playing live. So, for a minute, let's forget the ability to play a million miles an hour and steam role over all musician subtleties.

The right tone for the right song gets your listeners enticed.

How do you achieve this?

Practice? Yes, most ...